Timelapse Videos

What is the unusual obsession people have with watching time lapse videos? Why is time lapse considered storytelling?  Viewers will actually stare at the shutter snapping clips until they see their cameo appearance flicker in a frame to validate that they were included. It is a trippy experience that captivates a transient attention span. Common traffic area timelapse videos have become the Where’s Waldo of the 21st century.

Retrospective Videos

An event within an event is still a good story even if it isn’t the main attraction. Let’s say you’ve got a few high school bands battling it out in a dive bar in Deep Ellum for a chance to play a legit stage at premier music festival. It’s only three hours that includes less than a hundred people. It’s parents unloading gear, setting up a stage, tearing it all down and packing it back into the car. Oh, but we see talented teenagers who have big dreams of crushing it in front of millions some day. This is merely a stepping stone to their future. Let’s document the showdown and let thousands of people watch.


These days everyone is a self-proclaimed photographer with cellphone apps and filters that can generate instant pictures to post on personal social profiles.  Ever since Apple started selling iPhones in 2007, the camera phone has continued to be declared the “death of photography as an artform.”  In truth, mobile devices have only been a positive disruptor to a classic style of visual communication. We have trained staff who have published more than 100 photos within 36 hours to a single Instagram account. But, all of those high resolution images were taken with a Nikon and sent via Bluetooth to an iPhone.  The public can keep posting their selfies and tagging accounts. We are only going to put up professional pictures at your event because we insist on a high quality representation of your brand. The photographers we work with understand the importance of capturing sponsors, vendors, partners, speakers, artists, musicians, and all the things on the list they receive before the gates open. There is nothing random about photos we capture.



Editorial calendars used to be planned out months in advance and had a funnel formula. Now, we have a basic structure of key content and everything else is a flow of information that is always subject to change. Let’s decipher that last sentence for you. Our clients trust us in a really big way and therefore we are given carte blanche when it comes to content. If this concept makes you nervous then we encourage you to keep managing your own sites or continue searching for another agency.  This is non-negotiable. It’s not personal, it’s best practice.  We take our job seriously and guard your brand as if it were our own.  If you don’t believe us, ask our Clients.

carte blanche
[kärt ˈblänSH]

NOUN:  complete freedom to act as one wishes or thinks best.

Advertising & Marketing

Last but not least, is advertising and marketing that are both incredibly essential for reach, engagement, hype, ticket sales, brand awareness, and a few million other reasons we won’t list in this paragraph. Targeted campaigns to specific audiences will drive traffic to a page or website and convert into traffic at your event.  Tell us the goals and we will determine how to achieve them within the pre-determined budget.  Contests, sweepstakes, giveaways, influencers, and bloggers are easy to incorporate into a strategy.  Traditional press releases and electronic press kits are valuable cross-promotional tools to build into the 90-day calendar in advance of the event date.

Processing all this information?  It’s a lot to download. Did we miss the answer to your specific question?  Send us an email, and we’ll be in touch with the answer.


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