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Christine Adele Moore Arts

In 2021 we began working with mixed media artist Christine Moore as a new client based in Florida to create a fresh layer of content for her social sites, Christine Adele Arts. The main goals were to increase followers on Instagram and Facebook, update the template to her Squarespace website, build a new event calendar to list all of her art shows, reactive the blog, and customize the YouTube channel.

The event calendar needed a listing for each show that included graphics, logos, location, and information. These have external links back to the actual event websites but also contain enough content that the public could find the answers to many questions. Each festival graphic is posted to social media and promoted with a paid ad that has a link to Christine’s website calendar. The user then clicked around to browse artwork, read a recent article, or submit a contact form.

After implementing these elements to the website the traffic analytics showed an increase from an average of 200 visits to 1,500 per month. The site now has multiple layers of content on dozens of new pages. Maintaining a current list of events and adding at least two creative articles per month will keep the site from being static and more appealing to repeat and new visitors.

Squarespace Christine Adele Moore Arts

The YouTube channel needed customized art, playlists, subscribers, featured channels, and videos. As she traveled to various shows across the country, Christine captured clips of her art booth and the scenes around the festival. These were sent to us and we compiled the videos into highlights and previews. Some were turned around quickly to promote the show for that weekend and others were a recap of the weekend happenings.

Once the website had significantly more for an audience to discover; it was time for a newsletter account in Constant Contact to start building subscribers. The auto-pop up integrated easily with Squarespace and the sign-up form was designed to capture a name, city, state, and email address. These are the essential field boxes because it’s necessary to assign the subscriber to a specific list within their area. The newsletters promoting Florida shows are ideally only sent to people who live within driving distance. It was wonderful for the client to see how quickly website visitors began signing up for updates; and interesting to observe that they were from all across the country.

The Facebook page in nine months increased from 2,000 followers to almost 6,000 followers. Page promotions targeted interior designers and audiences located near major cities where Christine’s art shows are held. Event graphics were additionally promoted as ads with a campaign timeframe of 10-20 days within those areas as well. The graphics were converted to videos and posted as Instagram and Facebook stories.

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