Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you submit a proposal free of charge?

Proposals for services that include a menu of options is provided upon request without any fees.  This is prepared following a telephone conference or in-person meeting and thorough review of the social media channels associated with the brand and/or event.

Do you provide on-site services outside of Texas?

Indeed we do travel by car, bus, train, plane, subway, taxi, hoverboard, Uber, Lyft, skateboards, golf carts, ferry boats, kayak, or scooter.  The owner will decline any events that require snow skiing.  If there is any snow involved the owner will add a “thawing fee” the contract.  We have covered events such as the Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival and the New Jersey Renaissance Faire.  Where is your event located?

Do you give Clients the photos and videos?

Yes, clients retain rights to all files captured on-site and access is provided via a flash drive or download link in accordance with the preferred method of delivery.  One event will generate an average of 50-100 gigabytes of files.

Do you have an hourly minimum?

Two hours is the minimum on-site although we recommend the length of the event that spans at least the daylight hours.  This minimum includes photography and video services or live coverage for social media channel takeovers. Content services require a 30-day minimum and contract.

Do you only work events?

Festivals, fairs, races, art shows, and sporting events are the main focus.  However, we also work with restaurants, conferences, conventions, tourism, and community events.  It is really about the right fit or a client referral.  If you like our vibe and think we could add value to your brand, then we should explore your vision and see where it takes us.  You’re probably particular about the folks who represent your company and we are equally picky about which clients to sign. We don’t have to be on the same page but we all have to be a page in the same book or else we will never be able to tell the same story.

Do you have insurance?

Are you crazy? Of course we have insurance! The League Lady, LLC provides a current certificate of insurance to all clients that includes Commercial General Liability coverage, Professional Liability, and Media Liability coverage.  We take full responsibility for the role we assume as the voice of other organizations and we won’t take any chances on what may or may not happen.



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