DxO ONE Camera Cuts Social Sharing Time for Photography & Video

Time is more than a measure of events when we as storytellers attempt to archive sequential moments through photography. It takes time to plan the album in advance. Time spent making sure that we are standing in the exact spot to capture the sunrise before it shines, the hot air balloons as they glow under the stars, and the adrenaline smirks of a rock band when they walk off stage.

The real challenge of time is the delay between capturing and sharing those photographs. My Nikon D3100 originates more than a thousand photos in 48 hours at the InTouch Credit Union Plano Balloon Festival. On-site coverage requires timely delivery which means I have to pause to download, edit, and post pictures to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus.

Last September I read an article in The Wall Street Journal titled “DXO ONE Review: Finally, an iPhone Camera Good Enough For a Pro.” I immediately thought of the hefty Nikon that becomes an extension of my hand during client events. The DxO ONE allows me to stay in front of the action all day. This small camera attaches to an iPhone and produces high resolution pictures and videos that can be instantly edited and immediately shared.

Yes, I’ll still take thousands of photos with the Nikon because the 18-200mm lens is irreplaceable. But, the DxO ONE is great for high quality videos to post on YouTube channels. I recommend purchasing several high performance Micro SDXC with minimum 128GB, 633-1000x and an adapter because video will quickly max storage.

If you are interested in the technical reviews of the DxO ONE camera then you’ll want to check out these articles for specs and comparisons.

The DxO One 20.2MP camera is available on Amazon for $449 and can also be found at a list of stores with an easy Google search.

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