An event doesn’t become a memory without brain stimulation, sensory inputs that trigger the neurons to create new connections. I have been exciting consumer senses since before Facebook was invented. Creating and delivering content that compels an action.  The mouth-watering sight of a steaming pizza that you order on a Friday for family movie night, the touch of the softest cotton t-shirt that becomes your lounging favorite, and the rhythm of a song that sets your hips swinging.

While it’s these emotional connections that click with readers, it’s the real-time analytics that get my blood pumping. Data is what measures our success, and social media allows us to monitor, manage and respond to a message quicker and easier than ever before. A graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in Journalism, I’ve worked in advertising and retail with some of the biggest brands, including Pizza Hut, Hanes and Skechers.

Tim Tebow personally thanked me via YouTube for launching his endorsed line of Jockey underwear. Social media is not slowing down, and is the fastest way to spread your message. You have a big vision, and I know what it takes to share that vision with others, move your product to market, engage an audience and grow your brand.

Tim Tebow Jockey Campaign
Tim Tebow Jockey StayCool 

Joining The League Lady is an opportunity to capture the sights and sounds of the country’s most creative events – the events where memories get made – and to tell the stories of the artists who make a vision become reality. Elvis Costello, Matt Nathanson and Green River Ordinance performed at my first musical festival, the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis, TN. And my most complimented pair of earrings, blue agate danglers by Leslie Anne, were picked up at Plano Artfest.

Some of my most vivid memories are of tasting Chianti in Tuscany and hearing the roar of the Kyle Field crowd when the Aggies beat the Oklahoma Sooners in 2002. When I’m not posting to Pinterest, I enjoy watching my son play soccer, hearing my daughter play piano, relaxing at the beach with my husband, and working out in a yoga or HIIT class.

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