It started with a single event and has grown into a colorful portfolio of remarkable festivals, races, art shows, renaissance faires, and many other cool gigs. We readily admit that it is a fun job promoting these sensational events to the public.  The hours are long, the weather is fickle, social media trolls require wack-a-mole skills, algorithms randomly re-calculate, and there is a level of stress that lingers with anticipation of the unknown. We love it all and look forward to the new adventures that await in the upcoming festival seasons.



The Archived Clients:

Back in the day, when the agency was getting started, the owner worked for a variety of clients that included a recruiting agency, mortgage broker, and consulting firm.  The company continues to support non-profit organizations through social media and publicity efforts. Local 501(c)3 organizations are welcome to send their request for consideration to Info@TheLeagueLady.com and we’ll be in touch to discuss the mission and impact within the community.